Monday, August 3, 2015

Finally Pictures and a Sweet Testimony!!

I knew Elder Lawson was on a time crunch today so I just asked him to bear his testimony for me..I just really needed to hear it and Im so grateful for this sweet boy who tries so hard to do whats right and push through the hard times and forget himself and serve those wonderful people of Ghana, he does love his area, its hard at times, really hard, but he always tries to do his best, and that's the best thing he can focus on right now!!!

I know that my purpose on this earth is truly something that has been inspired of God, along with the struggles and trials I have faced in my life, at times it seems as though the world is on my back and I feel like I can go no further but my Savior always helps me to realize that all is well and that things will be better and that it will be okay.

I'm grateful for the scriptures, I have come to love them with all my heart and know I can learn from them. I get so much knowledge from reading them.

I have peace in my life, I love my Savior and this gospel.

I know its true, I know it with all my heart.

I love this work and all that I get to do here.

I love you all so much.

Have a wonderful week .

I'm sorry I don't always have time to write everyone back, but I love your letters of love and encouragement they mean so much to me.

Love, Elder Lawson

Elder Lawson and his Greene (new missionary) on the far right, Elder Swenson squeezed in the middle (so funny) is from the Lincoln Stake (our Stake) They had to go to Africa to meet when they only live 10 min. from each other here at home and they get to live in the same apartment, it was truly a tender mercy for Josh when they got put together..Josh just loves him and his new companion, he enjoys being a trainer!

My two sweet sons..Elder Lawson and Elder Batutsi, Josh said "we will be friends and brothers forever"

Another good friend, Elder K on the far left with their two new missionaries to train. (love Elder Lawsons tie)

They decided to hike a mountain..Beautiful!!

Looks like they found a cave it!!

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