Monday, July 6, 2015

He could even teach Lesson #1 on his head, if needed!!!

Hello family and friends,

I hope this letter finds everyone well and that everyone is happy, healthy and going through there daily tasks and having the endurance that is required for such repetitive tasks (trust me i know it well).

Things have been going well here in Africa, its groundhog day haha I feel like I can teach lesson #1 in any condition, in any way, even standing on my head, things have become very repetitive but even yesterday the lord gave us a tender mercy and I truly have a testimony of that and many tender mercy's have touched my own life. As we were teaching the lesson it was becoming contentious and so I prayed and a sense of peace came and he shut up, just like that and for the first time I felt like the man was listening to us it was amazing. That's such a small thing but its something that I have recognized has happened often to me here on mission, they may be small but I know it is from God.

I love this work, though its the hardest thing I've ever done it brings me joy and happiness. I know I am doing what has been asked of me and I know that the lord is pleased with his servants,

This last week I read Moroni 7 and really felt impressed to work on having charity for my fellow brothers and sisters, although I do get frustrated when different concerns arise or maybe someone is trying to rationalize something they are doing or try to use a scripture in a way that it surely was not intended to be used. There are to many reasons but I do know that charity truly is the pure love of Christ.

I'm so very grateful for the time the lord has given me to serve and to be out here on my mission and to be doing these things that I have been asked to do.

I know now that Christ died for me and for you better than I ever have before, I know my Savior lives I know it is only through the plan of happiness that we can someday return to our father in heaven, I know that Joseph Smith was visited by God the father and Jesus Christ and through him the fullness of the gospel has been restored to the earth in this great and last dispensation.

I love you all so very much and hope everyone is doing well, have a wonderful week.

Elder Lawson

One of Elder Lawsons good friends that was in his first area and a great strength to him in those first hard months, they just found out they will both be trainers, so will be traveling together to pick up their new"sons' (new missionaries) Wednesday.

Making new Friends!

Learning to cook in Ghana, Lots and Lots of rice!

Money exchange..

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