Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just another day in Ghana..petting Crocodiles

This week has been great I have loved it. We have been working and trying to get a lot of things straightened out. 
Our branch has about 20 people that attend on average its the smallest branch I've served in.

 My companion and I are the branch clerks so that's been cool. I teach gospel principles and elders quorum and my companion teaches gospel doctrine. Its a busy day on Sundays for us, lots of prep and after church stuff.

 The place where we went to see crocodiles is a village called Paga its on the border of burkina faso it was really cool, the crocs were very tame they just walked around the water. The workers would swing a live chicken in the air while it was screaming to get the crocs to come out, it was really a cool experience. They are amazing creatures that's for sure. 

 I'm serving with all I have, I've never been so tired I'm working the second I get up  right till my head hits the pillow, its a weird thing but its good, I love it. 

Time is going fast... I'm trying to experience all that I can while I'm here.  I hope Loomis is good and that everything is moving along there.
Elder Lawson

Elder Lawson and his Companion, he is from Wyoming . They are at the Crocodile Park

Josh and his crocodile friend.

These men were fishing in the Croc pond..Crazy!!

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