Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello family and friends,

I hope this letter finds everyone okay, things have been great as of late we have been working hard and doing all that we can to focus on the work, time is moving quickly at least it has this past week. We have been teaching too much hahah well not too much we could always teach more but I feel like I could teach about the restoration standing on my head, even knitting a scarf,(if I knew how to knit) but that’s good ,right?

We are planning for 2 baptisms this coming week for a brother named Ebenzer he’s a teacher and such a cool guy he has a testimony of this gospel because he sees the confusion throughout the world and he continually says that.

I keep telling myself this guy is doing a lot more for me than I am for him, such a sweet guy. He has a family, a little girl and a wife whose also a teacher, we are also working with her. We are also teaching a sister named Paulina she’s a very nice sister from a few towns over and has shown a lot of diligence traveling to church every week for about 2 and half months now, even though she has to take transport which some members even have trouble sacrificing. I think that’s something really cool. Yesterday she told me how grateful she is to have found truth in her life and just wants to share this wonderful message with those that she loves. I love this work, missionary work is divine and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, many times I ask myself how I’m still out here and the thought always comes to mind that all things are possible with the help of the Lord. I pray for strength to get up every morning and I know he’s there listening to me

I was studying in the Book of Mormon about Lehi and his family about their journey, my goodness its crazy. I have a whole new outlook on it. It is really easy to look at Lamen and Lemuel and say how they should have been more obedient but their journey was filed with such tribulation. I am coming to understand it all, it seems like in my mind I’ve always just skimmed over the fact that they were traveling in Saudi Arabia, that’s insane and about how the Lord truly prepared a way for them. I was watching a video on it all and seriously there is no way in the world that Joseph Smith fabricated this book that it was merely written by a boy with such small education.

This week I found it wonderful to one, already know that the book of Mormon is true but to actually find about how true it really is, idk i just took all of this so for granted and I regret not reading it more as I grew up. It’s been great though. I love to study the scriptures I think it’s so funny how changed I am when I have free time I find my desires turned to reading the scriptures, right now I’m reading the new testament, I’m in Mark then I’ll move to the old testament, then the Doctor and Convents .

Jesus was such an amazing teacher I have really been focusing on the parables that he taught and now that I too am teaching people about these same things. I have so much appreciation for it all its amazing what being on mission will do for you.

I love you all so much, I love this gospel and it has truly changed my life and who I am and what I am doing. Christ lives, the church of Jesus Christ is true.
Have a great week.
Elder Lawson

Group Picture of the branch or the people that came at least

Weeding, this is how they do it here, its called a cutless, its the most labor intensive tool there is, super hard. he said that this one is his and he will bring it home..maybe he can continue with his lawn jobs when he gets home.

Service project at the hospital, riding in a truck bed..its the Ghana way!

I made or tried to make creamed eggs (his all time favorite breakfast) It worked alright, but it wasn't the same. Its made from a white sauce so I wonder what he used for milk as they don't have milk or at least I didn't think they did.

We made cookies, haha, well we tried. we put a pot on another pot of boiling water, because we have no oven, it works great. I knew Josh would find a way to cook in Africa, he loves to cook and was pretty good at it..I miss him telling me I was doing things wrong in the kitchen, after years of cooking I had been doing it all wrong :) love that boy!
Cutest boy in Africa. The big boy is pretty dang cute too..

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