Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It Feels like home....

Hello family and friends,

I hope this letter finds you all well, I have been serving in the daban area or let me say serving as an office elder now for about 5 months and my time in this position has ended things will be much different now, I have been assigned to labor in tamale, to say the least I can say the lord has continued to bless me throughout my mission, I won’t say that I have prayed that I go to any specific place for I know that I should accept anywhere the lord will send me, since my first area before I got transferred I remember thinking to myself of how much I wanted to serve in the mpraeso area, I didn’t tell anyone it was just a desire of my heart. That came to pass. My second transfer I didn’t have anywhere in specific, I went to afrancho and met an elder that changed the course of my mission and deepened my desire to serve god for the right reason. He helped me a lot, and then when I came time for me to be transferred the one place I wanted more than anywhere was to go to the office, again I didn’t talk about it, I didn’t pray for it, that also came to pass, now my time has come to be transferred. Now the one place I wanted to go was tamale, it’s the northern most part of our mission and just a very different place much different than anywhere else almost like a different country, I wanted that experience. That has come to pass.

I wish I could express myself a little better in words but I have so much gratitude for my father in heaven and his love for me and my desires I know that he loves me I know that Jesus Christ is my savior my redeemer, the book of Mormon is the word of god, even the most correct book of any on earth today. My mission seems to be flying by faster and faster by the day, the things I am learning here are so much more than I ever thought I would be able to have.

I feel like im home right now I love it, this is where I belong right now I feel that in my heart I don’t feel like I supposed to be anywhere else I love the poeple and the food and everything is just great, I never in a million years thought I would say that. Im so grateful for the people that I have met here in daban they have been my family they are my family its so hard to leave those you love especially when you know its going to be a long time till you see them. I love you all and hope that you are able to take a moment to recognize the small tender mercies the lord gives to us in our lives each day.

Much love,
Elder Lawson

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