Monday, September 5, 2016

Best 2 Years of my life so far....

Hello Family and Friends,
I hope this letter finds you all well, wow that's all I feel like I can really say, my time is coming to an end here. I'm going to be so sad. I've spent two years thinking about what it would feel like to go home... I don't like it at all. I feel like I'm leaving home all over again.

Being back in American soon will be an adjustment. My mission has been something that I would not trade for anything. It's not been about me that's for sure, but I have learned more than I thought I ever could. When I came into the mission I thought I knew everything, now as I'm coming back home I feel like I know nothing. It's been so very humbling to see that change.

I love the people here they are my family, that's what will be the hardest for me. these people will forever hold a special place in my heart, I feel like I myself, am Ghanaian, I don't know if I told you about the food when I first came, but I hated it and now I cant imagine eating anything else I don't want anything else I love love love the food.
So many things have happened in the last 2 years, I'm having a hard time composing my thoughts here but what I know now that I did not before know is that God truly knows and loves me... I love him more than I thought I ever could. Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeemer.. the church is true. I'm just going to say that, The book of Mormon is the word of God and it was translated by a prophet of God.. my testimony is simple but true.
I leave it with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen..Love, Elder Lawson

Elder Lawson will be home next Wednesday September 14th..I asked what he wanted to eat when he got home, he said "mom I really don't care about the food"  (but later changed his mind and said In and Out Burger) 

I can hear in his emails coming home is hard, he is excited to see family and friends though and looks forward to that.  

2 years away from home, the first year being very hard for him, the struggles the ups and the downs all of it has changed him, he is stronger in so many ways..

I can't wait to squeeze the life out of him, to look into his blue eyes and tell him what a wonderful son he is and how much I have missed him, and how grateful I am for his willingness to serve the Lord. 

The one thing that I know for sure is Elder Lawson, knows how to Love with all his heart, I feel like that is a spiritual gift he has, his heart is big and he will always hold his mission experiences close, and be able to look at things differently..These experiences will shape his life, I'm excited to see what the future holds for this sweet son of mine.

 I know his mission has changed my life in so many ways.  Many blessings have come to our family..I know the Lord hears our prayers and through our service we are blessed, we have been blessed because of Elder Lawsons service.  We have been blessed with 2 adorable twin grandsons who I know have waited 10 years to come to earth..Before Josh left he told his sister Crystal that one of the reasons he wanted to serve a mission was so it would bless her life, Crystal and Brent have worked endlessly and with much expense and thousands of prayers to be parents and the Lord blessed them with two. 
I know the Lord knows us personally and through our service he blesses our families.. I also want to add my testimony that the Lord lives and he loves us so much, Jesus Christ is the head of the church, it has been restored in the latter days through a Prophet of God. I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. The book is true and I promise if you read it, and pray about it, you will know for yourself, I could never have sent my son to Africa if I didn't know with all my heart it was true..

Thank you all for your love and support for our family and especially Elder Lawson, he has felt the prayers on his behalf and so have we..
He couldn't download any new pictures so I will choose some of my favorite.

Its been the best 2 years of his life...and the hardest 2 years of his life!!! Thank you Africa for taking care of my son..

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just another day in Ghana..petting Crocodiles

This week has been great I have loved it. We have been working and trying to get a lot of things straightened out. 
Our branch has about 20 people that attend on average its the smallest branch I've served in.

 My companion and I are the branch clerks so that's been cool. I teach gospel principles and elders quorum and my companion teaches gospel doctrine. Its a busy day on Sundays for us, lots of prep and after church stuff.

 The place where we went to see crocodiles is a village called Paga its on the border of burkina faso it was really cool, the crocs were very tame they just walked around the water. The workers would swing a live chicken in the air while it was screaming to get the crocs to come out, it was really a cool experience. They are amazing creatures that's for sure. 

 I'm serving with all I have, I've never been so tired I'm working the second I get up  right till my head hits the pillow, its a weird thing but its good, I love it. 

Time is going fast... I'm trying to experience all that I can while I'm here.  I hope Loomis is good and that everything is moving along there.
Elder Lawson

Elder Lawson and his Companion, he is from Wyoming . They are at the Crocodile Park

Josh and his crocodile friend.

These men were fishing in the Croc pond..Crazy!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It Feels like home....

Hello family and friends,

I hope this letter finds you all well, I have been serving in the daban area or let me say serving as an office elder now for about 5 months and my time in this position has ended things will be much different now, I have been assigned to labor in tamale, to say the least I can say the lord has continued to bless me throughout my mission, I won’t say that I have prayed that I go to any specific place for I know that I should accept anywhere the lord will send me, since my first area before I got transferred I remember thinking to myself of how much I wanted to serve in the mpraeso area, I didn’t tell anyone it was just a desire of my heart. That came to pass. My second transfer I didn’t have anywhere in specific, I went to afrancho and met an elder that changed the course of my mission and deepened my desire to serve god for the right reason. He helped me a lot, and then when I came time for me to be transferred the one place I wanted more than anywhere was to go to the office, again I didn’t talk about it, I didn’t pray for it, that also came to pass, now my time has come to be transferred. Now the one place I wanted to go was tamale, it’s the northern most part of our mission and just a very different place much different than anywhere else almost like a different country, I wanted that experience. That has come to pass.

I wish I could express myself a little better in words but I have so much gratitude for my father in heaven and his love for me and my desires I know that he loves me I know that Jesus Christ is my savior my redeemer, the book of Mormon is the word of god, even the most correct book of any on earth today. My mission seems to be flying by faster and faster by the day, the things I am learning here are so much more than I ever thought I would be able to have.

I feel like im home right now I love it, this is where I belong right now I feel that in my heart I don’t feel like I supposed to be anywhere else I love the poeple and the food and everything is just great, I never in a million years thought I would say that. Im so grateful for the people that I have met here in daban they have been my family they are my family its so hard to leave those you love especially when you know its going to be a long time till you see them. I love you all and hope that you are able to take a moment to recognize the small tender mercies the lord gives to us in our lives each day.

Much love,
Elder Lawson

Monday, May 16, 2016

I almost cried....

After 639 days I finally found Rootbeer and of course I had to make a rootbeer float. I almost cried.

Another Rootbeer picture. I do think I see tears in his eye :)

Sleeping on the job

There is a road in Ft. Bragg that the kids always take a jumping picture and this look so much like that spot in Ft. Bragg he had to do one.

He said the fruit is amazing!!!

They bought these hats and Josh  loves it, I can just see him wearing it when he gets home doing his lawn jobs.

Josh with one of the AP's, they have become great friends..This is a water tower they climbed.

another Cool jumping picture..

Looking for some wild life Im sure.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Picture Overload and A really cool experience..

Hello family and friends,

I hope this letter finds you well things have been going great for me here in Ghana, lots of fun hoping that you get to see my pictures that ive sent and even that everyone is having happy lives, time is moving so quickly its weirding me out I will get to call home this week and I really feel like I just did, it really sneaked up on me we have been working hard and when that happens time just seems to go faster than you would like it to, some days I just want to slow down for a little bit so I can think.

I have been able to meet some great people as of late one was a Area seventy that we had the opportunity to take to some meetings in one of the Kumasi stakes, we picked him up at the hotel and noticed he called us over I could see his bright continence from the door he just looked so happy as he said very loudly across the room, my elders come! I WANT YOU TO MEET MY FRIENDS he had made friends with many of the staff there, and he was telling them about the church and his desire for us to teach them, as soon as we got into the car we began to talk before I knew it he was leaning forward between the two seats telling us stories about life and how things were as a area seventy, he just made me so happy he was so full of life so happy to be a representative of the lord. I felt rejuvenated to go about the work by his example of joy, just pure joy. Later that day we went to pick him up and take him to the airport and he saved us a lunch and some drinks and told us to enjoy, he continued with that same loving attitude until we reached the gate. These men have been called of God to proclaim the gospel and move forward the work of the Lord, I can see it and feel it.

I have loved my mission, its been so hard, but so very worth it, I'm grateful for the experiences I am now having and am going to continue to have, I testify of a loving Savior and a dear all knowing father watching over us in all ways, he knows what is best he knows what will bring us true and everlasting happiness, I'm so grateful for that.

I testify of the book of Mormon and its divinity and truth. I know it’s the word of God and through it man can get closer to God by it than by any other book.

Im grateful for the wonderful leaders of this church that are always serving us and helping us to be better servants of the Lord I'm grateful for their example in all things. I love you all and am so grateful for all that you do for your brothers and sisters around you, may your light so shine forth because I know there are so many times that those around us need our light more than we do, I leave this with you in the sacred name of Jesus Christ amen. Have a wonderful week,

Much love,

Elder Lawson

This is my favorite ever, he had this man paint the Sacramento Temple, I told him to Please have him do another one, because I want him too..

Elder Lawson LOVES to drive, he loves being in the office and he loves his the Elders he serve with, they will be life long friends..

I love this picture so much, Josh is by the wall laughing so hard and I have so many pictures of him laughing like this before he left on his mission, it makes this moms heart so happy to see him happy!!
Elder Lawson has had some very hard times on his mission so to see him happy and finally having the full missionary experience is priceless.

Another driving picture...He loves his companion so much..He said he is a great guy!!


This Picture made my stomach turn..yes this is what they put in soup, Josh said "its just how it is mom"
Snail Soup..

Just a short message: Elder Lawson has grown so much while he has been gone, He turned 21 this week, we are so grateful for his love and wiliness to serve the Lord and for doing Hard things..Harder things then he could have ever imagined, he will continue to do Hard things, but I know the Lord loves him and will help him through everything, Im looking forward to my Mothers Day Call, best day ever!!
Love, Mom