Monday, October 27, 2014

Some Weeks are going to be Hard...Elder Lawson is a Warrior too!!

Hello Family and Friends,
I hope that everyone's week has been amazing and that all is well in Loomis.  So I heard that Brian Baker is running for town council, that's like the coolest thing ever. I know he's getting the support of everyone,  Brian will be a life long friend to me, the months before my mission I was blessed to call him one of my amazing YM leaders, hes always been there for me and has more than a few times given me advice that I needed at that time in my life. ( he loves you Brian).  This week has been filled with activities! busy busy week, on Wednesday we went to a conference that was held for all the missionaries that are currently being trained, we  basically talked about how we can be the best that we can.  That is why we are here on missions,  the Lord is providing us the time in which we can serve him with all of our might, mind and strength.  It may seem as though it is a sacrifice, but its no sacrifice, the blessings that come from serving the Lord are far beyond anything that we can understand. 

At our conference I got to meet Elder Poulson! he's an awesome guy.  I already feel like we have known each other for a long time, its crazy how when you are taken out of a life that you know well, and plopped down into one that you know nothing about, how quickly you can associate and love someone that is from your state. He told me about Liberia and about when they came over to Ghana, man its such an insane story.  I was asking him  how they didn't go crazy, he said they actually did, they didn't have anything so they would do things like have push-up contests..haha (the Liberian missionaries were quarantined for, I think 21 days, before they could leave for Ghana, because of Ebola)  He told me that coming to Ghana was like coming back to America, they are so much more developed here which is crazy, because its pretty undeveloped here, but it just goes to show how far behind Liberia is.  It was really awesome to meet him, I cant wait to see him at Christmas.

To be completely honest it has been a hard week for many reasons, reasons that to be honest don't matter, I've found that when things become difficult, and can seem unbearable, its much easier to step back to look at those things I'm grateful for, starting with the fact that I've been raised in the church, that I have a family that I am sealed to for time and all eternity. I'm not going to go on because I could list pages and pages but when I write these things down it makes life easier to handle and recognize how great life is. 

I've been sick a lot this week, its made me think of some people that have been true warriors in my family, beginning with my Aunt Julie, she recently underwent some very extensive surgery, one that I cannot imagine, she of course handled it like a trooper.   She is an amazing example to me of what it means to deal with those things that life throws at you, no matter how hard things have been for her she is always concerned about those around her, I remember coming over after her surgery and she was eating, before I could ask how things have been going she wanted to know if "I" was hungry and how I was doing, it truly makes me wonder why I have been surrounded with such amazing people in my life.  I love you Aunt Julie and want you to know that you make me want to have more love and humility toward those around me. Crystal you are in my prayers also, mom told me you hurt your knee sister is a warrior too.

Our investigators are progressing.  I'll tell you about Brother Adams, he's such a cool guy, he's a heavy machinery operator for a gold mining company, hes such a humble guy, he took us to lunch at a very nice restaurant and just talked with us.  Hes such a great guy and I know by teaching him the gospel we are slowly touching  his heart and helping him to come unto Christ.   Every time we meet I feel like he is my brother, I have so much love for the people we teach.   They are such kind heart-ed people, their happy and eager to be friends with everyone. the Lord is blessing me and I'm so grateful for each and every tender mercy he blesses  us with as missionaries. I hope that everyone is well.   Love you all and hope that your weeks are amazing.
-Elder Lawson

This restaurant has some American food, Pizza and french fries..I think this is a investigator they are teaching.

I'm thinking this is Elder Poulson a nephew to friends in our ward.

Another shot of  his 'No Mail" Day..He is hoping to get his package back from the other Elder Lawson next week!

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