Monday, October 20, 2014

You know its Hot in Africa when Elder Lawson shaves his head..

Hello family and friends!
 I hope that all is well in America and that everyone is safe and happy. I've been told that there is Ebola in America, I'm not sure if that is true, Texas more specifically, but if so that's terrible, I hope not.
Everything is well here in Ghana, no Ebola, just in my dreams, like every night its the same one, my companion dies and I'm roaming our area alone trying to fight my way out of an Ebola infested area, but I always wake up, for some reason in my dreams Ebola turns you into a zombie but I guess its just one of those things that I hope will pass and I need to deal with.

 I didn't eat snails this week (to my mothers relief) I hope I don't but I'm sure that I will eventually, more fufu and bonku and empecie, ahh man, banku its not easy haha its fermented terribleness.  I don't think I'll ever like it but God works in mysterious ways.

 I was asked some questions so I'll answer those first, some of the problems that we have with the youth here is that they take things too casually, not sure how to explain it but the youth program is very small in branches, as you may know,  but they are strong members.  A lot of the leadership here in Africa change things without asking, there's to many leaders in Africa, if that makes sense.  The youth are awesome, they are good kids they love to talk with us. 
The branch is good and all is well.   We work very closely with the branch President for the well being of the branch members, they are awesome.   There are a lot of problems with trying to do things properly in the branches, but all that matters is that they honestly are trying their best and we are here to guide and help them through those questions and confusions.  Our President served in Nigeria in 2006 and man that's a rough country he said they only send very tough people there to serve because its not easy. They do things differently, its another church in Nigeria, My Grandparents served there many years ago so they can understand what I'm talking about, again their trying, and its awesome.  

Things are good, our lessons have been going good this week, It was a little difficult because a lot of people just stood us up or wouldn't come to the door but that's missionary work.   I'm not discouraged just disappointed because I see them begin to make these changes in their lives and I know they see the blessings that come to them but they will knowingly make the wrong decisions.   I feel like I can understand our Heavenly Fathers disappointment when we time after time after time continually make the wrong decisions, he knows how happy we can be but we continue to disappoint him but he continues to put forth unconditional love in every way. The atonement is such a blessing in our lives I hope that we are able to recognize all that the Savior has done to make these things possible.

I shaved my head haha no one look at me, I hate it but man its just too dang hot. I cant take all that hair anymore, it looks so weird to me every time I look in the mirror I don't recognize myself.  It is so hot, every day just drains your energy, all that you want to do is just give up and sit down, but its good to feel absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, you just lay down and your out cold.

We played soccer with a bunch of boys early one morning, it was so fun I'm so terrible but they laugh at me and enjoy to watch me try, they are all very good here its crazy, I mean crazy good, but its fun to watch them.   They all move the ball  so much, they have these matches next to our apartment that last all day and everyone gathers to watch them play I wish my brother in-law Jason was here to see it, he would love it. (Cassie's husband is a Pro Soccer player in Sacramento). 
We play on dirt here so that's different, I fell so many times, but it was great fun. 

I  had the opportunity to speak on Sunday, they told me Saturday so it was last minute.  I don't think they understood anything because of my "accent"  but it was a great experience to talk about baptism and scripture study, it led me to reflect on my baptism it was a cherished experience that I'll always remember.  I remember my Grandma Bonnie spoke and she was crying and looking at me and I had no idea why, but I knew it was a good thing, I remember the spirit I felt.   I remember sitting very close to my father and looking up to him before it was time to be baptized and it was the first time I saw my Dad become emotional.   Hes an amazing man I will always look up to the person he is and the example he sets,  I love you dad, I remember when I was baptized all the kids came to watch up close to the font and Trevor (Elder Stephens:) was front and center, it was truly a wonderful day.

Well family and friends I love you all, I must go now, off to serve the Lord.   Hope you all have an amazing week.
-Elder Lawson

I love that he's wearing his head lamp.

Still the fashon-ista..

Crystal, Cassie and Ashley, Looks like those clippers are being well used.  Best gift ever.

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  1. I know of what you speak. The Primary children were the ones that gave the most spiritual talks and we often said they would be the future leaders. Their little spirits were so strong. It is a different world there but as you said they are so happy with so little. Very very loving people and it makes my heart happy to see how you love them too Be strong and keep the faith.