Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Elder Lawson and Elder Batutsi keeping in touch.

This week our letter from Elder Lawson was sparse because the power kept going out so mostly all we got was "I am fine, things are good, Im so sad our mission president is going home, I love him and will miss him greatly" (new president will be there July 1st, he is a doctor from Utah) President Holmes has been like his extended father and he said it is harder than he thought it would be, but I'm sure he will adjust with the new President, Change is always a little scary.

I did get a letter from our sweet African missionary son that I will share..we love him and he too is sad President Holmes is leaving:

hi mum
am doing great, we had a really nice week, as a zone and as a companionship, our key-indicators were leading the mission in sacrament attendance and that was exciting....we had a baptism, brother martin a very strong/golden investigator, he is well educated and a junior high school head-teacher, he seemed so happy at church and he had to travel over 50 to 65klm to come to church for his baptism. i am so confident he will stay strong in the gospel....all my mission i have been so worried of baptizing some one who will become a burden to the branch instead of strength....and that happens when recent converts go less active, i have always prayed that my baptisms will stay active and true to the faith, and i have such feeling about brother Martin...cant wait to see him progress to receiving the priesthood.

i am almost finished with my BYU-application, president said he will for sure endorse me this week, hope all goes well.

i am so sad our mission president is leaving, i really wanted him to stay, because he has known me all my mission, i wanted to shake his hand on that last day, and hear him tell me he is proud of me and how i have grown, but the new mission president wont know me that much by the time we leave, but its ok, i will for sure enjoy having a new mission president with a lot of changes(maybe)

love you mum
elder batutsi

P.S; i called Joshua, we had along, brotherly talk.....i miss being around him.
greeting to the family.

These boys will be Friends Forever..

They ate Cake before Elder Lawson was transferred.

Elder Lawson always loves a good party!

Elder Batutsi helping with food.

tooo Cute

Elder Batutsi received our package,  Filled with Love.


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  1. My mission President's name was President Holmes as well :) I am sure not the same one. I love that Elder Batutsi writes to you and that you write him! That is so awesome! There are so many times serving that you really need an uplifting word and you have no idea how much encouraging upbeat letters help :) Elder Lawson is AMAZING!