Monday, May 18, 2015

Mothers Day Gifts

I hope that everything is going well in the family also with friends and ward members. I'm so very grateful for everyone and the prayers that I am receiving I love you all so much, please continue to pray and know I love you all so much have a wonderful week!!

Since his letter was so short today I thought I would share some of his conversation we had on Mothers Day.

I asked him about all the dogs barking in the back ground. he said "there are dogs and chickens everywhere you go, they can become very annoying and loud. then he said just a min and went to shew them away so he could hear me.:)

We asked about his small branch:

Josh: The Branch President is 25 and not married, and there is 14 members in the branch. we are helping with leadership and working together on improving the branch.

He said he is also getting more comfortable teaching the gospel and using his scriptures and helping those in the District.

We got off the phone for a bit so he could eat dinner, which was rice and something else, when he called back he said "please don't fix me rice when I get home..they eat A LOT of rice..

But he is learning to cook the African way and is enjoying the food much more.

They had an Area Authority Elder Dube from the Quorum of the Seventy come and talk with all the Elders serving in the Kumasi Mission. He loved it so much and said he was funny and uplifting, He also had the opportunity to get an interview with him. He said Elder Dube shook his hand, looked at him and asked if he could talk with him, Elder Lawson said it was very cool but also intimating..In Josh fashion he automatically thought he was in trouble..But loved talking with him and said it was pretty amazing!!

We had a great time talking with him and asking all the questions we never seem to get answered through email. He sounded great, had a slight African accent, but very humble and appreciative for his comforts at home. Talking is a double edge sword as its great to talk but also hard after because we all get homesick for each other..but it was a great Mothers Day..Josh even sent me a box full of fun stuff he has collected in the last 9 months..

We figured out the bowl goes on top of the 3 sitting men, and he made a sash for all his sisters and brother in laws, which we will wear when he returns home. I was so excited to get a gift and we also got a thumb drive with lots of pictures..Best Mothers day gift for a Missionary mom.

Another highlight of my Mothers Day was talking to Elder Batusi (Elder on far left) he called and said "Hi Mum" I loved it so much, he got to talk with Jerry, Grandma Bonnie and Crystal. I knew he only had a few minutes but I loved hearing his voice. I have grown to love my Son from far away..Elder Lawson said he is super smart and amazing..
I hope we get to meet in person someday as he is hoping to go to BYU.

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