Monday, April 27, 2015

Loving the Jungle!!

Hello family and friends,

I'm sorry its been so long, I'm sure you all understand. I have been transferred to a new area and place called Mpraeso! its pronounced m-price-oh. Things have been going well, we are enjoying it here it seems that we have been having some success small. we have been able to enjoy a lot of things. We are doing well here the area I am in is in the mountains and its beautiful and the weather some days is much cooler than where I was before, so that is nice. seems like this area might be a bit of a struggle because no one can speak English, but I'm up for the challenge. The town I am in is a village its very small and everyone seems to know one another but its a very nice place, I enjoy it and cant wait to continue to serve here.

 I'm grateful for my mission and all that it has brought to me. I'm grateful to be serving these wonderful people, my mom asked me what my favorite part was about the work, I think that I would have to  say that I love the people here they are so loving and have been so good to me. They are so nice and willing to be your friend. I love that, its so refreshing. 

  I went on splits with a missionary from South Africa hes my zone leader his name is Elder M just one of the sweetest guys. He's such a spiritual person we got really close. I have felt the spirit very strongly this week and learned and have studied King Benjamin's address its such a powerful section of the Book of Mormon, I was able to take each chapter and really break it down and come to understand it in a much better way so that was wonderful. I'm excited for what the future holds.

The work is amazing and I am learning so much since my  transfer. I defiantly feel like I'm starting to actually progress small on my mission. I hope that everyone have a wonderful week I love you all I'm serving with all that I have.  I hope everyone knows how much I love my Savior and those that have been apart of my life  and helped me prepare me to be here. I'm grateful for everyone.
Love Elder Lawson

I asked what his favorite foods where:

I have a lot of favorite fufu and groundnut soup with guinea foul, and something called empecie you dip yam into a stew and enjoy.  Those are my favorites.

It makes this mom happy he is finally enjoying the food. 
I also love how he uses the word "small" as it is part of the language there.
I Love this sweet Missionary

He loves living in the Jungle/mountains

The Baptism Font, Love how its outside

His Cute Little House he lives in..I Love it.

Pretty sure this is a water truck

When he smiles, I smile!

Church building, It looks lovely!

3 of the 4 Elders he came with from the Provo MTC.. He loves them. I wish Elder Ashby was there too, then the picture would be complete..


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