Monday, April 20, 2015

Loving his new area!!

Hello family and friends,
 Man things are crazy out here everything is normal, but man the new area is crazy,  I’m in a straight up village. It’s very small the branch building is so nice and I have gotten to know the members, already, all is good. I am here in a small town,  I’m getting along with everyone, buts it’s just going to be very difficult to say the least,  the power goes out every day. I need that headlight so badly oh well I know it’s on its way. (we sent it a few weeks ago, I hope it makes it there alright, a few packages haven’t made it, bummer). I’m living in the mountains and in the jungle, its amazing, Its gorgeous. I guess there are waterfalls all around me, so I’m excited to go and explore. Were going to hit all of those up so that will be awesome. It’s just so weird to see mountains all around me because I’m so used to just straight flat land, about 3 o'clock every day the clouds cover the sun so that is very nice. Our apartment is powerful, I think mom would think it’s cute, it reminds me of you mom, it’s very nice and idk it’s just cool its tucked away in the mountains so were away from everything and that’s been nice.  

I asked Elder Lawson if he has seen many animals:

No there aren't many animals is Ghana like at all, just lizards. I think where Elder Smith (Alexie’s husband Josh’s brother is serving in East Africa) is more like the Africa we picture at home.

I asked if there were any markets with American food, as you can see he got a good laugh J
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.... no there is nothing mother dear nothing haha I’m going to starve here it has less than Sunyani did, its straight village but oh well it’s alright.

I love you all, I’m sorry I have to go I hope that you have a wonderful week and that all is well.  Please continue to pray for me and the work we are doing here, and I will do my best.
Love you all so much, Elder Lawson

This is my sweet Elder Batutsi, I have grown to love him so much.

hey mum,
am doing ok, its so different with out my brother, he and i used to have night talks and laughs but now its just 2 of us in the apartment instead of 4, too boring.
my country isn't this hot, Ghana is the hottest i have so far been too.
the best news is yesterday we had 10investigators come to sacrament meeting, i was so happy, and also the best part was to raise my hand to sustain our new branch president's 2nd councilor, guess who it was; elder Lawson's recent convert called Micheal, he is such a strength to the branch.
thanks for writing me.  
With love, Elder Batutsi

Elder Lawson said one of the first things he got to do in his new area was mow and trim the bushes, the branch has a lawn mower. He said the people couldn't believe a white boy from America knew how to do that..I thought that was so funny because if you know Josh you know he has done lawn jobs since he was 12 years old..he had quite the little business till he left on his mission. I'm sure he loved doing that in Africa.
(not sure if this is his apartment or the church building)

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  1. That is great news. Sounds like a place I'd love to visit. Glad Elder Lawson is doing well and enjoying his new area. Sounds like he has been successful in serving. Keep up the good work E. Lawson!!!