Monday, March 2, 2015

Loving the People and doing my favorite thing, Service!

Hello friends and family,
 It’s been too long so sorry to say that things have been crazy around here I need to stop using that excuse because it’s getting old I’m sure.  Everything here in Ghana is great, my companion and I are doing well, we are working hard.   We had another 2 baptisms this last week, Bianca and Felishia they are powerful girls and they have been very strong investigators. They both show a lot of promise for the branch as far as leadership. Today we did a service project it was nice we don’t get to do them very often, we try every day but the people won’t let us half the time because they say that we will dirty our clothes, but we went and helped a very old man spread some dirt that came from a new well he dug around his new house.  He is about 64, these people can still work so hard it doesn’t matter how old they are haha it’s amazing, it was a lot of fun.  I love helping the people here.  My Mission has been plugging along, I love it and I’m enjoying the opportunity that has been given me to serve.  My mission president told us something that stuck with me and made me ponder, he said “this is a time in our lives that we can improve so much, a time for us to become the best we can be.  The mission field is the lords university we are learning how to be obedient and strong leaders and husbands and wives of the future.”   It is true and it helps me to want to be the best I can be, to learn all that I can while I’m here and to not let a second pass me by. I was talking with a missionary going home and his only advice he gave me was “don’t let a second pass by, be strong and forget yourself.”  I’m so very grateful for this gospel and the opportunity that has been given me to serve.  With all that I have I know my Savior lives and that through him we can someday return to our father in heaven.  I hope everyone has an amazing week and that your lives are going great.  Love you all so much.

-Elder Lawson

The two sisters they baptized last week Bianca and Felishia, it looks like Micheal their new convert baptized them. Elder Lawson said the Young Single Adult program is really successful as far as missionary work, lots of inviting to activities from the YSA members to their friends. Love this picture. Such beautiful young women.

I think they play lots of Volleyball..


JOSH: i did it mom. i had snail, on that fufu its called ground nut soup it has snail, goat skin and dried fish "yummy" my life every day. cant wait to make it for you guys someday and watch you gag. the best part about it all is the goat fat half the time still has hair on it haha My face says it all.

Oh goodness I wouldn't survive the food 

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