Monday, February 23, 2015

Picture overload, LOVE IT..

Elder Lawson had another baptism, her name is Dora and she asked Elder Lawson to do the baptism, he was very honored

Looks like a restaurant to me..

Elder Lawson loves helping in the kitchen, looks like he loves it in Ghana too..

I'm guessing here, but it looks like the youth group..the missionary's fit right in.

Zone Volleyball..what a bunch of handsome young men. I got these via another missionary mom, love the support we give each other.

We didn't get much of a letter this time..Time is always short.
Elder Lawson is doing well, it can be hard but I know he can do hard things, he has proven that over and over in his life.
He loves serving his Heavenly Father and knows why he is there, he always says "mom Im doing my best" I know he is.
This experience has already put him in the refiners fire, these missionaries give 2 years to serve the Lord, they leave family and friends, the comfort of their homes.
They eat things that their body isn't used to.
They see things that are  very different then where they come from.
Its hot,
So when he says "mom this is hard" I believe him.
His testimony has grown so much.
I love this boy of mine.
and I know with all my heart he loves being a missionary!
Please Ghana take good care of  him!

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