Monday, March 23, 2015

We adopted a son from Africa :)

Josh and his companion to the left. The zone leaders on the right.. Elder Batutsi is on the end.
I forgot to ask him what they are drinking, Im pretty sure it is sprite.

Hello family and friends,
 Sorry this is going to be a short letter for now. Things have been great here in Ghana, we have been working very hard and enjoying life as it comes.  I hope everyone is doing well and things have been good.  We had another 2 baptisms this week; it was wonderful and so powerful, it just made me so happy. One of the baptisms was a girl whose name is Florence, it’s as if she’s my sister, I just love her so much and I'm so happy to see her change, and she will be such a strong member. I love to see such wonderful people be baptized.  We have been doing well and we are enjoying the work. I will be writing a long email in a couple weeks that will talk more about everything but as for now I don’t have time I’m sorry to say.
 Love you all hope everyone is happy and healthy
-Elder Lawson

Elder Lawson has a special relationship with his zone leader and we have adopted him into our family, Josh speaks so highly of him and they have become good friends so I thought I would share parts of his letter to me.

hallo sister M. Lawson, can i just call you mum!!! well i guess i can.
so mum am so happy to read from you. i come from a third world country, with a mother who loves me but she cant read and write, so its always been my habit to write other missionaries parents in-case i wanted a source of advice, encouragement or comfort in times of stress but unfortunately my previous companion's parents were from Tonga so they only could fully write Tongan language so never had a chance to write them, and my current companion is from Nigeria, parents not members so more so like me. But now i have another mother to write, thank you.
as for my mission, am so doing fine, am now in my 3rd area, sunyani, the work is great, the lord is indeed hastening his work, i was called to train 6 transfers ago, my son was from Idaho, then after training him, i was called as district leader at the same time, then i was released, it was such an opportunity of serving my fellow missionaries, i got to learn a lot to be able to lead by example, and now my new assignment in sunyani am the zone leader, another demanding yet humbling experience. the missionaries in my zone are mostly Americans and such great people which makes it easy for collective-obedience, have had 6companions, 4americans and 2nigerians.
my mission has been such a good experience simply because the Lord has blessed me with great companions, and very unique missionaries. of these missionaries, one stand out, and that is Joshua, me and him we have become brothers, though from different continents, backgrounds and culture, we have so much in common, when i got here, we just clicked in the very first few weeks of being in the same apartment, he has told me a lot about you and the family, he is really blessed to have you as a mother.

we have had great moments together, in fact i look forward to coming back in the evening to talk to him, but the funny thing is that it takes forever for him to some times understand my English, when he finally figures out what i was saying, we both laugh about it so hard.
send me pictures of your family, well i guess i have seen most of them.kind regards to the family.
with love

elder Batutsi

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