Monday, February 2, 2015

This letter brought me the comfort I needed today!!.

Hello Family and Friends,
 It's so good to finally get a letter out.   Things have been very busy for me lately, sorry for that. Not much of an update as everything has been normal, not sure what normal is anymore haha.   Life in Ghana is going great,  its been so very hot,  like scorching!  I've never been through heat or humidity like this before so I guess its good to get used to right?  Maybe the Lord is preparing me to live somewhere hot for the rest of my life? (yeah right).

 The picture is of my companion and I and one of our investigators Sulemana, He is Muslim but his heart is open and he is progressing with the lessons, things have been going great with him.  I don't know if you can see that bench, but we sit on about 5 of those every day teaching under mango trees, Its what I do everyday all day haha.  

I love my mission it has been so cool,  I've been able to experience life that very few people will ever see or experience. my testimony of the gospel grows more and more each and every day.

I know God lives and his son Jesus Christ has made it possible for us all to return to him.

I love and miss you all and hope that everything is going well have an amazing week!
-Elder Lawson

Elder Lawson wrote this to us in his email chat and I wanted to share this as it brought me so much comfort..I love that he has "moms and dads" in Ghana that love and take care of him.

"Mom it will make you feel better to know I have mothers here too, one being Sister Patients shes my mom here and treats me so good, shes always feeding me and making sure I"m doing okay asking how my body is and stuff and its just so nice to have someone like a mom here haha. It always makes me feel closer to you both, same with Elder and Sister Barney I've been talking with them a lot, they are my parents out here, they are awesome and I feel their love for me."

That is just what this mother needed to hear this morning..The comfort it brought me brings tears to my eyes!

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