Monday, January 26, 2015

Hard times can Help us Grow Stronger..

2nd Week in a row..
No Family/Friends  Letter..

The things I can tell you from our Email chat is:
He is learning and growing..
He is in the Refiners Fire right now, figuring out how to overcome trails
He is fine and wants to serve with all his heart..
He has been humbled..
He is Strong and a Hard worker..
He knows life isn't easy rather its here or in Africa..
He knows he has a Heavenly Father that Loves him so much..
He knows that he has Family and Friends that Love him so much..
He feels the Prayers that are being said in his behalf..
He loves and appreciates all those that write and wishes he had time to write everyone back
but wants you all to know he loves you and appreciates each letter..
He loves the people of Africa and knows this is where he is suppose to be..
Its hard..
But he can do Hard things, This I know..
Love, Elder Lawsons Mom


  1. I know he can take it. He never even whimpered as I whipped the poor boy's back while he worked in my yard.