Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday is this moms favorite day..

Hello Everyone,
We have been working hard and doing everything that we can to invite the spirit and just be powerful teachers I'm trying my best. I know the Lord is helping us. 

I'm enjoying my mission and  doing well.   The branch is growing and to be honest, that alone has brought me so much joy.  Our investigators are awesome right now and we are just working really hard every week,  we have a mid week activity and this last week we had 27 people there, when I first got here there were 4 people attending.  It's just little things like that, that bring me happiness and I can see the Lords hand in helping people in our small town. 

The weirdest food I have eaten is  when we eat at very humble houses they cook cow fat or hide and they boil it forever so you will see the hair on it and its literally leather, you have to chew it forever and you have to eat it or its really rude. They are giving you their meal.  Sister Patience (he calls her his Ghana Mom) is teaching me how to make a local dish called groundnut soup so I can make it for you guys when I get back, its my favorite and you can have it with a lot of things.

Please everyone have a great week and know I love and miss you all so much,
Elder Lawson

I borrowed this picture from the Mission Nurse Sister Barneys Blog, I guess they try and sell what ever this is along side the road..Josh I would not survive in Africa..Love, Mom

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