Monday, December 15, 2014

Really Understanding the True meaning of Christmas..

Cutting down a tree, we will find out why during our Christmas call.

His Companion Elder Homquist and  Elder Kafusi from his apartment

Its another chat letter again this week, he promised he would write an actual letter for the blog next week, so here we go!

What is your area like?

We have been placed in a area that we need to work extra hard for success, Its not easy in this area as the people in this region don't always have an open mind about other religions. If you want, do some research on the regions of Ghana and we will talk about it in about a week ;) haha can't wait to call you guys. my companion and I are doing great..

Are you still eating lots of fruit?

Yes we eat fruit a lot. Bananas, pineapple and oranges everyday. Its cheap, its like 30 cents in US change, for a giant pineapple and like 3 cents for an orange, the oranges here don't have a season, they grow year round and people don't eat them they cut the top off and drink the juice because the rind it too hard. The bananas are delightful (he didn't eat bananas at home, so this is good news) you asked about my weight, I think I'm gaining weight right now, I haven't weighed myself since I have got to Ghana but I lost a lot the first few months, its hard now because all we have really is top roman noodles and vegetable soup, something I made up, no big deal, but its really good. (he loved to cook before he left, he was our pie maker in the family, he had it down to a science, if I bought the wrong ingredient, heads would roll ). My companion makes me pancakes every morning, I think that is why I might be gaining weight, but I have still lost a lot since I got here, people tell me that Ghana is making me "nice" usually its the women that tell me that.(this one cracked me up, don't tell Josh I included that part, he might not have wanted me to share that, but it was too good not to add to the letter)

This week Elder Kafusi and I woke up super early and went and chopped down a tree, it was so much fun, ask me about it when I call, it honestly was something I really needed, super grateful for my apartment mates they have been so good to me, I love them.. I'm enjoying life here, its been hard with being away at Christmas time, but I'm beginning to really get the spirit of Christs birth and what this Holiday really means, too many times in the past I looked at Christmas the wrong way, as you already know.

Jerry asked if he was keeping up with reading the Book of Mormon?

Dad, yes I'm keeping up with reading the Book of Mormon, I"m just finishing up 3rd Nephi it has been amazing, I was missing out on all of those years of just studying parts of it, and not reading it cover to cover, it helps to understand the plan of salvation so much better. I love that book and truly believe it is the most true book that has ever been written, I think back to all the times you wanted me to read and I didn't think I had time or wanted to make the time, and I want to hit myself, I'm sorry for that, but that is the past, We all have to find our own testimony of the Gospel. I love you all so much and I'm realizing you have always only wanted what's best for me.

I want you to know this is where I should be right now, I'm learning to love Africa and I'm doing my best to serve the Lord with all my might, mind and strength. I love you all so much keep celebrating Christmas for me. and be strong, love you both so much.

Love your son, Elder Lawson

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  1. Merry Christmas Elder Lawson. I took some new assistants to film with me lately. It made me miss you. I appreciated your hard work and willingness to help. I love getting the weekly email update. Missions are tough, they stretch you, make your heart grow and break. Brings you to new highs and lows. I know your doing great. We think about you and pray for you all the time. Judd