Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas in the HEAT of Africa

I got to "email chat" for a short time and this is portions of our chat as lately he hasn't had a lot of time to write letters..hoping to get something in the mail soon..but I'm happy just to get a few pictures and know he is happy and healthy..So here it goes: Yes I do add punctuation (at his request, as he writes so fast, but I never change his words unless I can't understand it :)

I'm sorry mom, try to compile all that I've told you here. I don't have time to write one today I'll have one for next week and for the week of Christmas for sure tell everyone I'm sorry but I'm trying my best haha..

First off I want you to know I'm doing great I'm enjoying life here, it feels like home for the first time in a long time, I'm just loving it. We have been having fun and my companion and I are getting along and teaching everyone and working so very hard. This time of season is so great. I'm in love with my area right now, for the first time I'm happy, healthy and loving my mission, its still not easy. I'm now entering my 3rd transfer, I'm still so fresh here but I cant wait to see how much I grow and change in the next few years.

Man I miss the rain, tell dad that we are going into whats called Ohoma or dry season its basically the most unbearable thing on earth no big deal but terrible, it will end in like April and then that is the wet season. There are only two seasons in West Africa, dry season and wet season. Dad I was with a member yesterday his name is George hes my favorite, he said something that made me laugh because it reminded me of you teasing your sisters, he said "women the addition of problems the subtraction of money and multiplication of enemy's" hahahahaha so hilarious, hes such a sweet guy I love him hes a farmer and has a drinking problem but tries so hard to get over it hes a great guy everyone here calls him leather-boat. (Jerry and Elder Lawson love to make funny women jokes because they know it makes us girls crazy..Elder Lawsons Aunt (jerry's sister) will actually jump on top of him and beat him, its all in good fun I promise)

This time of year has a whole new meaning I can honestly say that I think that this will be the best Christmas I've ever had. Honestly its not easy, but I have to look at it in an eternal perspective, I will never experience another one in Ghana except for these two years, so I'm trying to enjoy them in every way!

I've had so many amazing experiences this week and my love for the Savior grows with every minute I serve. I love my family so much and can't wait to call you all. Have an amazing week and stay strong. Read Luke chapter 1-2 for me and feel the spirit that comes with those beautiful chapters, It talks of the Saviors birth and all that surround him. I love you all so much please spread my love around to all the family and our Friends, especially during this beautiful season, continue to love everyone and spread the joy that this season brings.

with much love, Elder Josh Lawson

I miss those Baby Blues..but he looks happy, and I love when my kids are happy!!

I was trying to figure out why Elder Lawson had this face and then I saw tomatoes..He does not like tomatoes..I teased him a lot about eating lots of tomatoes on his mission..

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  1. Thanks for posting updates about Josh. Keep up the great work!