Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm Loving Ghana Life..

Hello Everyone!
 So sorry I haven't been able to write more on the blog the last few weeks.  Missionary life has been busy.  I will begin to just hand write all of the posts and send them home because there is not enough time to email everyone.  Today is December 1st!!!!  I've heard some Christmas songs, it made me so happy and I see garlands everywhere in town,  It's so different  to be in an area of the world where during Christmas time its the hottest part of the year.  

Things in Fiapre have been great, I love it here,   I recently had a companion change,  I've come to love my companion so much, his name is Elder Holmquist and hes such an awesome guy, we have been doing great things together, and I'm loving the work.   

The picture is of me and one of my investigators his name is Kingsly, he's such a cool guy and has become a friend, hes so awesome.  We are teaching him and working towards a baptism date so that's exciting. 

Thanksgiving was good, we had my chicken noodle soup you sent, and man the Elders in the apartment enjoyed it so much, thank you mom for everything you sent we all really enjoyed it.  I definitely missed home a little bit but then again I'm beginning to feel like this is home so I don't think Christmas will  be weird or hard.  I think that Sister Holmes and President will be coming down on Saturday so mom you might be getting more pictures so look forward to that on facebook ( I love you Sister Holmes, thank you).  

Our teaching has been going great and I've been teaching a lot and we are working very hard.  I'm  tired, but its a good tired.  I'm loving Ghana life, I've been filled with the spirit many times this last week, their have been many miracles this last week that have been so awesome and have made me truly feel like this is the place I need to be.  We were able to visit a sister that has had some personal problems getting  to church, we went to visit her and gave her a small lesson and talked about how to not lose the faith, she's amazing,  I told her that we loved her and the branch loves her, it was a really a great visit..

 I hope that everyone is doing good and you are enjoying family this time of year. I love you all and am so sorry these letters are not longer but you just wait "I'm coming I'm coming" with a longer letter..  that's what they say here, Thanks so much for reading my letters. Take care.

My one and only picture I got this time..

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