Monday, November 24, 2014

Short and so very Sweet..

No Pictures this week..He sent me his SD Card and it was stolen out of  my he needs to buy a new one and hopefully I will have some next week, so I decided to post his pre-missionary pictures..Cutest little missionary ever..

Here is just a portion of his quick letter this morning:

 I'm happy to wake up each morning, we are working crazy hard and I have been teaching half of every lesson.  I've born solemn witness about so many things this week and have come to realize how grateful I am for my testimony of the gospel.  I love you both and I'm so grateful for you.  I think about you every day and hope that all is well and that you know how much you mean to me. I hope that all is well and that thanksgiving is amazing,  Don't forget to take lots of pictures and I hope everything goes well. I'
m happy and healthy here and loving life.  I love you all so much,  have an amazing week......

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