Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Great Adventure Begins..

Because of the plane delays they were able to stay the night in London, it was really a blessing as Josh was really sick with an ear infection and feeling miserable..this is him and Elder snow..they had the opportunity to go see Big Ben and a few other sites around London..a long P-day..Got to talk to him for minutes at each stop along the way..Besides feeling sick he was in good spirits..

They have landed in Accra Ghana

Meeting the Mission President, President Holmes...Elder Lawson looks Happy :) which makes me Happy

The pictures are out of time frame, This is the Group going to Ghana and who he was with in the Provo MTC..They are in London getting ready to get on the Plane for Africa..One of the best tender mercy's was Jerry's sister Caroline and Brother in law Jeff were on their way to London for a vacation and they landed in the morning and found Elder Lawson and the Crew at the airport..Josh was blown away..Aunt Caroline had some stuff to help him feel better and I know just seeing family was a huge boast for him..So grateful they got to see him and also take this group picture of the Elders.  Josh grew close to these boys and they will forever have a bond..I have had the opportunity to connect with 3 of these Elders Moms on the Ghana facebook page and it has been such a blessing as we all worried and shared information with each other..

Elder Wilson, Elder Ashby, Elder Snow, Elder Lawson, Elder Vause and Elder Verdoni What a good looking group of boys.

Elder Lawson and his Sweet Aunt Caroline.

He turned and waved good-bye and said "I love you" to his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Caroline but I feel like he was waving at me too..I love this boy with every fiber of my being and I can't wait for him to serve the Lord in Africa.

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  1. Such tender mercies! I love the miracles that have already been manifest in his mission how amazing!! My mission president was also President Holmes but I do not think it is the same president :) Thanks for updating the blog!