Monday, September 22, 2014

Afrcia is Hot..but amazing!

I love and miss you guys, but I love Africa, the people here are so sweet they, oh man they are just so happy and loving they all want to speak to me. I'm not gonna lie the food is not good, but with the lords help I will learn to love it. My companion is so awesome I love him already, its amazing how the lord blesses us in our lives in ways that we don't expect or realize. We need to pay attention to each one that is given. I just want you to know I'm safe and that I love you. 

My apartment is actually supposed to be the nicest one in the mission. It's super sweet and Sunyani has the best power as well so, I've been enjoying that. When I was in Kumasi the power was never on and neither the water, but here, we have water and everything. 

My companion is from South Africa he is so easy going and relates with the people here so very well, I love him he's so cool, perfect for me. He's also very hard working and speaks twi it's pronounced tree, he speaks it so fast. I know a little, but he is teaching me. Most of the people here speak it so that's been very hard but I'm learning. It's crazy though I can't wait to hear more of it and come home with this crazy language. It's super crazy to be honest like, it's just a lazy English. It sounds nothing like English and we aren't supposed to teach people that don't speak English, but we will because my companion is really good at it. 

I love it here mom, it's very hard but I love it, if you get a chance go turn a hot shower on and enjoy it because I can't for 2 years.  Stay in the shower after you turn it off  and that will be close to how humid it is here. You can literally feel the sweat form on your arms haha. Mom you wouldn't make it here,  its hot, but I love it and I'm already used to it. It's not even a big deal. When I got off the plane I was so sad, I didn't think it would be possible but, I already don't even notice it so that's nice. 

The shops here are crazy. They have carpenters everywhere. I love watching them work, they make things and they look terrible. I want to help them, haha but they work and that's all they care about. Man, I miss you dad. I wish you could come for like a week. I want you to see all this, you would be amazed like seriously. I miss you too mom like crazy, but I wouldn't want you to come here. (he knows me well)                                      

I love Ghana its so awesome! Know that! Be happy that I'm here having this experience. I feel like I'm learning so much. I feel guilty that I've been such a drag all of my teenage years. I know that you and dad have pushed so hard for me to have these awesome experiences that I'm having now. Know how much I love you both for being the best parents I could have ever asked for. I feel like our home is like, in my mind  a mansion now, its crazy. I don't miss home yet, just family and Brynn, but oh well the work carries on and I thank heavenly father everyday for sending me here. 

The ward I attend  is crazy, well it's a branch, all in twi.  I love feeling their spirits they are so humble and just a happy people. They love the church, it's very small and you sit in the same chair for 3 hours.  It's  a sweet   experience and I love it already. I can't wait to speak twi so I can talk to the people. They want to speak with me but it's very hard. 

It's very poor here, it's great to see things this way, I feel like I've already been humbled. I have so much in my life, many of  these people have nothing and they are happier than I ever was. I've never been happier in my life than I am here. I just miss family. 

(This is just a portion of the letter but, I'm so happy to hear how much he loves the people..I can breath again for another week:)

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