Monday, February 15, 2016

Rabbit Stew

I got to email back and forth with Elder Lawson today, he is just loving being a office elder, he loves working closely with President Cosgrave and his Wife and the other Elders. He said he is super busy all day working and doing paperwork and then they get to go out after 5:00 pm to track. He is feeling Healthy and sounds so good, its been a long road with his health but he seem to be feeling better about life in Africa. He loves the people! Here are some fun pictures he sent. I love seeing his personality in these pictures..he's still the same fun loving kid..

Laundry Day, He was never that happy to do laundry at home.

They are cleaning out their apartment, Josh said there was way to much stuff so they burned it. He loves to burn stuff.

I asked Josh if he ever thought he'd be catching and cooking Rabbits in Africa, and he said "no I never would have even imagined it" 

Rabbit comment..This one is for Grandpa Peck, he loves Rabbit stew.

Josh said it was freezing in the office because of the A/C so this is his idea of warming up.

 Elder Lawson's girlfriend she is on the other side of the world in Peru,  These two will have stories to tell. She is doing great and enjoying being a missionary. We sure love this girl!!

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