Monday, February 8, 2016

Elder Lawson Loves the Office..

MacDonads kitchen, interesting!!

The houses are so colorful

Market Place

So Cute

These snails are huge, Elder Lawson did say he ate one but only once. eek


One Stop

This is great!!

Market Place: Car parts

 We got a few emails from Elder Lawson but for the past few weeks the LDS mail system has been messed up, it’s all over not just in Ghana so I don’t get to email back and forth like I have in the past, they are delayed for hours, so here is a short one I got, he got transferred to the office and he loves it..He seems happy and healthy and that is all a mom wants. So here is all I got today..also shareing some pictures (above) the office couple posted on their blog, since Josh has had issues sending us pictures. I’m hoping they don’t mind if I share, as they are in the same area and I found them so interesting.

Elder Lawson: we have been cleaning the apartment all day it is pretty dirty but were working on it, they have been very patient with me and my need for cleanliness haha but I want you and dad to know that I’m doing great all is going well my day goes like this, we wake up, run, have our personal and companionship study, we then go to the office and do paperwork for most of the day then sometimes get out of the office around 5 and either go around town running errands or go proselyting, it’s been so great, the members are so great I’ve already been fed 3 times and that’s more than my last area and I was there for 4.5 months I defiantly feel the love. Things are moving along great, my heath is good. I cut all my hair off because Ghanaian's don’t know how to cut white man hair haha, but I want you to know that all is well. Love you all so much.

Elder Lawson and Elder Bishop his new companion, they were already friends before the transfer.

He said: Mom its the first doughnut I've had in 17 months and I'm in heaven. Oh the things we take for granted.

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