Monday, November 3, 2014

Watermelons instead of Pumpkin..How cool is that!!

Hello everyone!

How are things, I hope your Halloween Day was amazing and you were able to over load on candy.  OFriday morning the apartment inspector brought me two packages from my mother! it was so awesome it was full of candy.  Candy that I have missed so much, so that made my Halloween the best ever..  Halloween night our apartment went out and bought watermelons and carved them just like pumpkins. We had a lot of fun, let me know which one you think was the best, obviously mine was but I'll let you find that out on your own, just kidding.  
I have great memories of the Halloweens back home, they were always so much fun, my mom always made them so fun, she would make a giant pot of my favorite broccoli and cheese soup and invite all our friend in, we would eat and watch scary movies then usually we would move over to my Aunt Julie's house for taco soup and more movies, lots of soup, for those of you that know me, know how much I love soup its my all time favorite.  So much goodness all in one place.  

This week was good, we spent a lot of time tracking which was, to be completely honest, unsuccessful, but we moved forward in the work and were steadfast. I know that we will find someone that has been prepared by the Lord to be taught the fullness of the restored gospel. 

We have been teaching the boys we met at the weaving hut I told you about a few letters back,  Bright and Joseph and they have committed to a baptism date, the 22nd of November, they are the ones that make kente, they are so fun to be around and have been great for me because they are helping me understand the twi language and their culture. 
Last week they told us that they were going to get white shirts like all the church members because they thought it looked nice.  I  explained to them why we do it, that we wear white shirts to show our respect for the Lord and the sacred things we do during sacrament meeting, like the blessing of the bread and water.  It's been a very good learning experience for me, I love them both, they took us to their homes, it was humbling, they live about half a mile from where they weave, its truly amazing how happy they are and have so little. I hope to be that humble in my life. 
I'm excited for the opportunity to meet more investigators like these two amazing brothers.
We were able to meet with Brother Adams again, he's doing great, he's such an awesome guy so happy and easy going. I love anytime that we are able to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "Christianity" as he puts it, its awesome. He's very humble and willing to listen to what we have to say without any contention, which is amazing to me considering he is hardcore Muslim.  He will even ask sometimes if we can come back in 10 mins. so he can pray, it has been good for me to be exposed to all of the different religions in Ghana and come to understand their beliefs and show them that we respect other religions, just as Christ did and we are happy to coexist with them as we share our beliefs together.  I feel a lot of love in that sense.  

I've been able to watch a few selected talks from conference and my favorite thus far or more like the one that really had an impact on me was the talk by Elder Jorg Klebingats the title of the talk was Approaching the Throne of God with confidence He gave 6 easy ways that we can honestly be the best we can be.  I strongly encourage all of you to go and listen to this beautiful talk. Here is a little exert of the talk, or Here is his whole talk..really good!  
Ghana is amazing,  I'm glad to be serving a mission and to be out here in Sunyani Fiapre. 

I hope that everyone has an amazing week that you are happy, healthy and recognizing the blessing that are literally poured out unto to us every day. I love you all, I know with all my heart that I am here preaching the true word of God to the African People.
-Elder Lawson

My guess, knowing Elder Lawson is the Pumpkin face..I really like them all, the I love Mum is good too!!

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