Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference in Africa

Hello Dear Loved ones,
I hope that everyone is doing great as for me here in the wild wild...east? things have been going great we are doing great i have a new companion from Missouri his name is Elder Whipple, hes amazing I'm so blessed to serve with such amazing people. I already love him and hes going to help me to become a better person, I know he will hes pretty darn great.

The office is still same old same old. we have been working hard, this past week was transfers, things were crazy but we had a good time welcoming in great new elders into the mission, 19 of them! We went to pick them up from the airport and they just had such a wonderful spirit about them and so much curiosity and love and excitement, such great examples to me. 

With each week that goes by it seem like they move faster and faster I'm trying to stay focused and work as hard as I can to be all that I can be out here for these wonderful people. This past week I've spend a lot of my studies on the Savior and all that he did for me, as I watched conference this past week I was amazed at how much more it means to me, this is the first time I've got to watch it on my mission and I felt glued to the TV for the whole 8 hours. I testify of a loving father in heaven that provides those things that we need in our lives at this very moment. I came to conference this year with many questions in my heart and I know that through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost my questions and concerns were answered and I felt peace, I loved the talk about hope and the importance it has in our daily life . The talk was given by Elder Duncan on forgiveness, these talks are for you and me and they have surly touched my heart and helped me to have a much greater love for My heavenly father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I bear witness of the truthfulness of this gospel and the great work that is happening right now I urge everyone to continue to proclaim the gospel as a witness of Christ, for we have something in our lives that has brought much joy, they too can have these feeling of joy and lasting peace in their lives. I testify of the restoration and know that on a spring morning Joseph Smith was indeed visited by God and Jesus Christ and that Christs church has been restored through him.

I love you all so much and keep you in my prayers and thoughts, please continue to strengthen your testimony each day this was an overwhelming impression that i felt as I watched general conference that we must indeed hold onto truth, that we must "doubt our doubts, before we doubt our faith" this can be done by daily feasting upon gods word, I can testify that if we can strengthen our testimony of Christ and even his church Satan shall have no power over us to drag us down.

Much Love,
Elder Lawson