Monday, January 12, 2015

Bits and Pieces of our quick email chat..No Family/Friends letter this week

Things have been pretty good, my health is good but the heat has become too much, It’s terrible.  The dust is always in the air, everything gets coated in dust, EVERYTHING!!.   It’s so thick in the air.   It’s unlike anything I've ever seen and it’s always there just like a thick fog of dust every day.   It’s like salt, it’s so fine.  It even makes its way into our apartment and our beds.   It’s crazy!!  I can’t wait for March when it starts to rain again..(Picture taken by Sister Holms MP's wife)

This is my apartment and I'm hanging with Elder Batutsi he's an awesome guy.
(I looks like poor elder batutsi is trying to sleep ")  

Me: (mom) the food looks good, I meant at the Zone conf.  Sister Holms the Mission President wife posted this picture of it..he must of thought I meant the food in general J

Okay mom our food looks good huh?  That’s cute, (he calls me cute whenever he thinks I'm thinking or talking crazy) because the food that Sister Holmes took a picture of is like American food,  we only get it when we go to zone conference,  yes it’s amazing but it’s nothing even close to what we get on a normal day, nothing at all haha nothing!   Zone conference was amazing, we got cookies, like legit cookies and rice and stew and rolls they were all so so good!!

Josh just opened his package from Alexie, putting together his table ping pong net..His lips look so swollen and sore..must be all the heat and sand..

Our converts are doing great, they have been strong members and Michael is receiving a calling and the priesthood next week he’s such an awesome guy, I  love him. I had him write his testimony in my journal so that was cool. 
Please know that I love you all and I’m serving the Lord with all my heart.  Thank you  for your prayers. Have a great week.  
Love, Elder Lawson

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  1. You are the best Golden Boy. Me so proud. Big man hug on ya!