Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Lawson in the Jungles of Africa..

Okay! this week has been good!  Eye opening.  My area is referred to as the jungle, like honestly it's a jungle.  I feel like I'm on an island somewhere, its just insane, things in the jungle are crazy and the people pretty much live with nothing, I cant get over how crazy it is. They never turn away a messenger of God, like this week it was raining and people saw us and told us to come in quickly and sat and talked for about 20 mins. We had a beautiful lesson, the people are just awesome, its funny. The people of Ghana are never in a hurry, like if they said hi from across the street yesterday, today they will run across the street and have a 10 min conversation as if you have been friends for life, haha no matter what. Their wife could be in Labor, doesn't matter, I kid you not they are so kind and just want to talk. They like to touch me, its different I'm not used to it, they don't have a problem with getting into peoples bubbles so that's been an adjustment.

 I've been here for 9 days and basically I feel like a completely different person, it's insane. Ghana is not easy, the motto is come what may, you have to enjoy it. I love it, because that's something that I need to learn in my life. I have a very hard time with those things that I'm not able to control but, just in this last week I have come to the realization that it can't always be just right, things will work out in the end. 

I hope everything is going well there. It's kind of weird, the people here hate Obama. They tell me every day, haha because of his views, but anyway its weird. They also always ask me about all of the bug bites that are on my face, and I'm like nope that's acne my friend, hahaha oh well I don't care its funny.

Some weird observations that I've noticed here, the soda cans are much heavier. The two main vocational industries here are gating and carpentry. It's been cool to see, like really cool.  The carpenters don't sand anything and they don't use any kind of glue either, everything is just notched in really tight.

 Things have been really good, I like it here, the lessons have been hard but, I am doing my best and the Lord has been blessing me. The people here love to talk to me, they act like we're best friends just me and the broni, haha they all just call me broni, its crazy.  Okay, so the food here is so very different it's gonna take me a while, they like to incorporate like, 7 day old fish in stuff and pretty much every meal is made of some kind of starchy dough that's just like, man this is not food. I will learn to love it.  Fufu is crazy, I've had it twice this week, it's just not very good but I'll learn to love it.

I have to go now, I love you all so very much, hope all is well, I will talk to you all next week, love ya, bye.

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